The new Generation eChiller with InterCooler Technology

InterCooler Concept by Efficient Energy: The evolution of Bluezero® technology.

Core element of the enhanced development is a decisive optimized compression process of the Bluezero® technology, which significantly increases the overall compression ratio in the new eChillerIC machines. Thus, the climate-neutral chillers operate with an increased energy efficiency at cooling water temperatures of up to 55 °C.
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The enhanced Bluezero® technology opens up new fields of application

Against the background of rising energy costs and tightening global regulatory requirements, clean, safe and energy-efficient refrigeration systems are playing an increasingly vital role. Thanks to the technological leap of the Bluezero® technology, the new eChillerIC series operates with robust performance at higher outside temperatures and optimized energy efficiency for worldwide use.

eChiller45IC – the first InterCooler of its kind

At Chillventa 2022, the powerful Bluezero® technology will be presented for the first time with the newly designed eChiller45IC. With a cooling capacity of 24 kW to 40 kW at cold water temperatures between 12 °C and 20 °C, the eChiller45IC impresses with its increased energy efficiency through continuously optimized operating modes and an extended free cooling operation.

Key facts of the extended Bluezero® technology with InterCooler concept

The new InterCooler (IC) product series from Efficient Energy is a technological leap from our Bluezero® technology. Here you will find a summary of the most important advantages for you:

Thanks to the InterCooler concept, the new eChillers operate at cooling water temperatures of up to 55 °C.
With a cold water temperature of 12°C to 20°C, the machines are further improved to cool a wide range of machines, processes, buildings and data centres.
Due to design-related optimizations and the resulting improved thermodynamic properties in the refrigeration circuit, enhanced energy-saving potential and higher energy efficiency is given.

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